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Author: Yukataro
The hilarious tale of a trio of lady adventurers, taken straight from Twitter! This anthology collects Twitter artist Yukataro’s one-shots, CGs, and “screenshots” featuring our heroines, the tomboyish Senri, hyper-sexual Spica, and Manuba the classic tsundere as they travel the world by day, and eac..
Author: ZawarC
Mr. Suzuki takes on the role of manager for the volleyball team, but can he support his students without his urges getting in the way!?..
Author: Ayane
Reiko is off to visit wife #4 in Laina's harem of former demon generals, the sweet and adorable marionette, Marielia. The two immediately bond over their mutual love for comedy, and Reiko lets her guard down... only for Marielia to reveal that she knows she isn't really Laina! Is it curtains for our..
Author: Mira
In a futuristic society populated solely by women, the lonely heir to a powerful conglomerate finds unlikely companionship in her android housekeeper. When the android breaks down suddenly one day, she gives up her wealth and status to take off on a grand intergalactic quest to save her beloved. Par..
Author: Mira
Resolute in her ambition to restore Shion, Ayame and her companions board a starship bound for the prison planet Nayuta. Tycho has agreed to act the part of her lover for the duration of the voyage, but Rachel can't help but watch the two with intense envy as her feelings for Ayame develop. In the m..
Author: Ayane
When a chance encounter at an unexpected place brings two barely-acquainted women together, they decide to help each other understand their identities... through sex!..
Author: Anponta
Higashi flunks an important math test and might end up having to repeat the year if she doesn't ace the make-up exam! Desperate, she begs the top student in her class - the mousy, tomboyish Eto - for a private cram session. The tutoring does the trick, but when Higashi gets an up-close look at her s..
Author: Sakura Yoru
Ogase Enterprises has been declared insolvent, and the CEO's daughter -- a high-strung girl of refined tastes -- is asked to make friends with the daughter of the CEO of Yanaizu Enterprises, the acquiring company... and she just so happens to be as high-strung as her. But when Yanaizu forces Ogase t..
Author: SOLA
Rintaro and Minamo end up whisked away to a fantasy RPG world after falling off their balcony and have to search for a way back home. With no leads, they start with some level grinding that turns into a different type of grinding once their MP runs dry.....
Author: Ayane
After Mone is taken in by her cool and beautiful neighbor Subaru following a fight with her sister, sparks quickly fly between the two new roomies. Still, Subaru shuts down Mone's suggestive advances. When Mone finally throws herself at the older woman, Subaru reveals the shocking secret that keeps ..
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