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Destiny Syndrome
Irodori Sakura New!
Author: SOLA
Shin's been trying to lose his V-card, but he's too picky. Even though he's so pent-up he's about to explode, he won't settle for a quick fling - he wants the man of his dreams to ride in on a white horse. There's no way the stoic delivery boy who has all kinds of nasty rumors floating around about ..
Love Lesson
Irodori Sakura
Author: SOLA
As a kid, Kousuke had spent a lot of time with his older, next door neighbor Minoru and even promised to marry him in the future. Now years later, Minoru continues to take care of Kouske not just throughout the day, but also at night in the bedroom (even though the two aren't dating). But what will ..
The Only Way to Recover MP Is Sex!
Irodori Sakura
Author: SOLA
Rintaro and Minamo end up whisked away to a fantasy RPG world after falling off their balcony and have to search for a way back home. With no leads, they start with some level grinding that turns into a different type of grinding once their MP runs dry.....
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