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Puppy Play With Papa 7
Irodori Sakura Pre-Order
After receiving unwelcome news from his mother, Nekoyanagi's been down in the dumps. This is leaving Inubo pent-up and frustrated, especially since his partner's pride won't let him tell him what's wrong. To try and cheer him up, Inubo drags Nekoyanagi on a trip to Chiba, prompting both men to think..
Destiny Syndrome
Irodori Sakura New!
Author: SOLA
Shin's been trying to lose his V-card, but he's too picky. Even though he's so pent-up he's about to explode, he won't settle for a quick fling - he wants the man of his dreams to ride in on a white horse. There's no way the stoic delivery boy who has all kinds of nasty rumors floating around about ..
Ooey-Gooey Getaway
Irodori Sakura
Author: Mira
Maika and Aoi decide to sneak out on a lovey-dovey getaway together for some much-needed R&R, but their plans end up wrecked by sudden inclement weather. They rush into their quaint private cabin to dry off, but Aoi might end up getting soaked one way or the other.....
Irodori Sakura
Author: naop
An unsuspecting adventurer's unfortunate run-in with a slime monster leads to a chance encounter with a healer who's been kicked out of every party he's been in due to the... exciting side effects his healing possesses. Is it fate?..
Show Me How You Do It!
Irodori Sakura
Author: Mira
After getting her underwear mixed up with that of her sexy girlfriend Maika after a wild night, Aoi is enchanted by how good it smells - and ends up doing something a little risque. When Aoi lets the embarrassing secret slip, she expects an angry reaction, but instead, Maika rents out a room for the..
Your Love Is Too Much!
Irodori Sakura
Author: Mira
Chika's girlfriend Yuina is gorgeous, fashionable, and well-to-do, but her impulse shopping sprees drive Chika abolutely batty! Yuina means well, but her way of showing affection is becoming as much of a strain on the relationship as it is on their mutual piggy-bank. Can Chika get through to her bel..
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