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Sakana Noko
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Artist Introduction

My name is Sakana Noko. I mainly draw gay manga and works aimed at women. I'm uploading new art and works to my social media so make sure to check them out! 

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Author: Sakana Noko
Keiji’s done fucking around. With a long weekend ahead of them and having convinced Seiichi to fuck him, he’s now ready to put Seiichi through some training so he, too, can experience the joy of a little backdoor fun. Finally pushing through those sugar walls, Seiichi falls to a new level of depravi..
Author: Sakana Noko
Seichi's a hard-ass of a father. He adores his daughter, Chiyo. So much so, he lacks the ability to explain things and denies himself the better things in life. When he tries to tell Chiyo she can't date her boyfriend, Kei, it doesn't go well and she storms off. Kei hangs back though, and the two en..
Author: Sakana Noko
Following his run-in with that sex toy thanks to Keiji, Seiichi’s been trying to avoid him like the plague. Trouble is, Chiyo’s going out of town for a long weekend and Keiji’s mentioned he wants to hang out with Seiichi. One day when Keiji drops off Seiichi’s forgotten lunch, he turns to him and sa..
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