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Steamy Love 5
So far, we've mostly experienced Chidori and Ume's encounters from Chidori's point of view. But what was it that sparked Ume to so boldly approach Chidori in the first place, way back in the bath where they first met? What has she felt during the heated pursuit since, as Chidori began to warm to her..
Too Darn Irresistible 4
Kou has invited Akane on an overnight trip, just the two of them! At first Akane is excited, but then totally psyches herself out by diving too deep on the internet in an attempt to educate herself about "going all the way" with your partner. Will Kou and Akane's first night together be a wonderful ..
Chidori thought her steamy experience at the municipal bathhouse was merely a one-time affair. Then, four months later, she runs into the same mystery girl at another hot spring! Chidori is prepared to proceed with caution, but it seems the mystery girl did some preparations of her own. Who is she? ..
Chidori and her boss make a magazine research trip to a hot spring amusement park, and Ume (the girl of Chidori's bathhouse trysts, who she now knows is actually her boss's younger sister) decides to come along. The park is everything a hot spring enthusiast could dream of (who knew coffee baths wer..
On an overnight trip to a fancy hot spring resort, Chidori gets to bathe in the tranquility of her own personal open-air baths. The only thing missing is Ume...but she obligingly shows up uninvited later that evening! A little drunk and in a daze after getting lightheaded in the hot water again, Chi..
Author: Tendou Itsuki
An adorable extra story for "The Albino & The Witch" series, featuring Shiro and Madam Witch as a cute couple!..
After taking things a bit too far in the girls' locker room, Kou isn't sure if she'll ever get another chance with Akane. But is it possible that Kou's friends are right, and Akane secretly has feelings for her as well?..
Kou and Akane's new relationship continues to experience turbulence as Kou lands a major tournament win and gains a legion of fangirls overnight, and Akane finds herself feeling forlorn and jealous. Kou might not have a wide variety of tricks up her sleeve, but she's still determined to find a way t..
Each weekend, Chidori makes solo day trips to various hot springs to relax in the steamy waters and melt away the stress of work. But after an unexpectedly erotic encounter at one seemingly-ordinary bathhouse, she finds that her whole perspective on life might be changing!Artist Statement: Nice..
Author: Ziki Masaya
Fumi and Higashi finally express their love for each other as they have sex for the first time. This is the NSFW sequel to the "This is Love" series. ..
Akane, captain of the school Rhythmic Gymnastics team, can't stand Kou, the girl who captains the Artistic Gymnastics team. But is Kou really always watching Akane just to point out her mistakes, or is there another reason?..
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