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Artist Introduction

My name is schwinn. I'm a mangaka. I'm happy that I'm able to deliver my work to more people through official localizations. Please follow my Twitter to get the latest updates of my work. 

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Author: schwinn
Tsurumaki and Kotou are back! Kotou begins to pine for more from Tsurumaki but doesn’t realize all he wants to do is take and never give back. Tsurumaki is annoyed by this and thinks maybe it’s time to break things off. However, when he suddenly comes down with a cold, Kotou’s act of selflessness ma..
Author: schwinn
Tsurumaki’s a section chief who can cook. His superior, Kotou, cannot and can be a reeeal drag about it sometimes. When they bump into each other after work at a veggie stand and Kotou reveals his girlfriend left him, he begs Tsurumaki to help show him how to cook. Tsurumaki agrees and learns a very..
Author: schwinn
Toshihiko a.k.a Toshy practices English by streaming shows in secret. He feels even more motivated to improve when his English teacher, Mr. Fujii, praises him for his pronunciation. Years later, in a different setting, the two are fatefully reunited. The circumstances are different now as Toshy reve..
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