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Tsukumo Go
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Author: Tsukumo Go
A complicated erotic affair between a strict instructor and his unruly student!..
Author: Tsukumo Go
A quaint mountain village holds a clandestine ritual for those reaching maturity. Youta is a new participant who's just come of age, yet can't seem to get a straight answer from the village elders about what the mysterious festival entails. What trials will he have to face to prove his manhood?..
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Author: Tsukumo Go
A young man with an insatiable appetite for sex puts on a show for a live audience in this full-color work...
Author: Tsukumo Go
Fujita is caught red-handed with his nose in the boxer shorts of his best buddy (to be fair, they were right out there in the open!) and ends up having to come clean about an embarrassing secret.Artist Statement:Nice to meet you! My name is Tsukumo Go. I'm a Japanese manga artist who specializes in ..
Author: Tsukumo Go
Kousuke loves wearing sexy underwear. But when he needs more of a thrill, he starts posting pictures of himself online in his latest purchases. When he gets a DM from a guy asking him to try on a pair, he can't say no. But will Kousuke really stop at just modeling?..
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