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Sakura R18 New Artists

Author: Aoba
Deep in the darkest depths of the night, an incubus prepares to descend on a woman and feast on her vitality. He makes his way into her room, traps her in hot dreams with his charm, and then pulls back the covers to reveal… that this isn’t actually a woman!? Ready to cut his losses he gets ready to ..
Author: Chirinu Iroha
There is a temple deep in the mountains where prying eyes cannot reach, and people are few and far between. Here is where Tokiwa, the head priest's daughter, and Touka, her brother's wife, indulge in each other's company in blissful solitude...Artist StatementTokiwa and Touka share a secret... They ..
Author: Nikuo
Become the main character in this choose-your-own-adventure story! In it, you become Shutte, an imprisoned hero who is sent into a dungeon no one has ever returned from. As you explore, all sorts of sexy traps lie in wait to thwart your adventure! Can you make it down to the deepest depths or will y..
A Young Mangaka's Love is Too Strong
Author: Aonaga Haname
Yukinari is an assistant to the popular manga artist, Miharu. The deadline is coming, but Miharu is always determined to make his crush cum first. What will happen when Miharu confronts Yukinari about his feelings?Artist StatementThis is my first full-color work. There might be some parts I could ha..
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Author: Yukataro
What do you do when your local sex trap dungeon fucks you into submission before you reach the second floor? Easy! Gather your adventurer gal pals and grind (each other) for S.E.X.P.! Yukataro’s back and more frenetic than ever in the sequel to Adventurers by Day, Freaky Friends by Night! ..
Allowance Arms Race
Author: Orico
A trio of girls gets a whopping ¥60,000 yen to split between them for one week’s allowance, but no one is keen on sharing. Desperate to take the lion’s share for herself, Nayu turns to her last resort: proposition the others and make them bet their allowance on whether or not she can make them orgas..
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Catching Feelings at the Final Showdown
Author: Namboku
The forces of good and evil prepare to throw down at the final battle... But when the Archfiend and the Hero find out that their masks are both hiding 10/10 total babes, they switch from catching hands to catching feels!Artist StatementThe fated battle between the Demon Lord and the Hero, but once t..
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Author: Ichinomiya87
Looking to get laid, the main character tries calling for an escort service specializing in incubi and succubi. An incubus turns up assuming he would top, but what happens when the main character realizes his top potential?Artist StatementI like stories that feel a bit slice-of-life but also have a ..
Author: MIZUKI
Ezaki has recently joined the office after leaving an abusive work place. His new boss Shimizu is totally different than his old one-- he's kind and considerate. But Ezaki soon finds out that Shimizu is going to screw him, too... literally. Artist StatementThis is my first ever comic. I wanted ..
Author: Banjyaku
After a mega-haul from a convention, Hiroshi & Fumiaki, a.k.a. Sensei, are starving. Trying to be budget-friendly, they pop into a supermarket to buy some meat. Fumiaki goes straight for meat on sale, but Hiroshi's got the fattest cut of meat there.....
My Beloved Kanata
”If I’m all yours, Kanata, then that means you’re all mine too, right?” What happens when a possessive top collides with a possessive bottom who derives pleasure from being someone else’s possession?Artist StatementThis story focus on a kind-hearted introvert and an outwardly positive (but dark insi..
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Author: Sakana Noko
Seichi's a hard-ass of a father. He adores his daughter, Chiyo. So much so, he lacks the ability to explain things and denies himself the better things in life. When he tries to tell Chiyo she can't date her boyfriend, Kei, it doesn't go well and she storms off. Kei hangs back though, and the two en..
Author: Sakana Noko
Following his run-in with that sex toy thanks to Keiji, Seiichi’s been trying to avoid him like the plague. Trouble is, Chiyo’s going out of town for a long weekend and Keiji’s mentioned he wants to hang out with Seiichi. One day when Keiji drops off Seiichi’s forgotten lunch, he turns to him and sa..
My Friend's Dad's a Hunk 1 & 2
Takumi’s over at his friend Akira’s one day, and Akira asks him to make sure his dad, Yuusuke, isn’t asleep since he’s got an appointment. Takumi goes down to check and finds Yuuske passed out on the couch. Yuusuke is not only asleep, something’s almost on full display for the world to see. Takumi c..
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My Friend's Dad's a Hunk 3 & 4
Part 3 Synopsis:Yuusuke offers to show Akira and Takumi some “adult summer fun.” Curious, they agree…but find themselves at a public pool. While Akira is distracted with a girl, a kid runs off with Yuusuke’s bathing suit. Takumi fetches it and brings it to a waiting Yuusuke in a bathroom stall. Yuus..
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My Friend's Dad's a Hunk 5
Takumi accidentally bumps into Yuusuke while he’s out shopping. Seeing how much Takumi’s carrying, Yuusuke offers to give him a ride home. One thing leads to another and Takumi ends up lending Yuusuke a helping hand in securing a Christmas present while they’re parked in a parking garage. Yuusuke th..
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Author: Hide
Frustrated that he’ll be single forever, a younger year goes to his upperclassman and asks for tips and a makeover for help with meeting girls. They end up getting too lit to make it home, so they crash the night together. When the upperclassman wakes up in the middle of the night, and sees his frie..
Author: Takano Saku
Sakura has never been good at keeping up with her studies or getting along with her classmates. However, when she refuses to submit a piece of homework, her strangely beautiful class president decides to teach her a lesson…Artist StatementI drew a manga about Succubus, which is a very popular theme ..
Author: Mentaiko Itto
Zeus has had enough of man's inhumanity to man and decided that humanity has had a good run, but it’s time to end things. Of course, it’d be downright hypocritical to deliver his divine wrath by the same violent means he despises the human race for. He has something more humane in mind: Prevent them..
Author: Tannu
Kotane Village has a sacred rite performed every ten years to ask their god to bless them with healthy offspring. Few know what takes place during it, but Yuzuki has been selected as a volunteer. When his estranged childhood friend and crush Kosaku contacts him for the first time in ages only to tel..
Author: Miyahama Ryo
Got milk? A hardworking, handsome coffee shop owner learns to embrace his not-so-wholesome inner self after an interview doesn't go as planned.Artist StatementI've always received a lot of requests from foreign fans to release an English version, and thanks to Irodori Comics, I'm finally able to giv..
After a long day at work, a salaryman returns home too exhausted to even masturbate, only to have his apartment invaded by a male succubus looking for a fix! He doesn’t normally swing that way, but the intruder is pretty darn cute… and willing to take his mind off his woes by spoiling him rotten...
Author: Terujirou
Three tales, three encounters, three realities. Dive into the different lives of three gay men and their sexual adventures and fantasies as they hunt for an amazing orgasm.Artist StatementThis work was released in Japan a few years ago so the art style might be a little dated. I've always wanted to ..
Author: Hoshitani Kyo
A spy has been captured by a member of an evil organization. Though he is determined to withstand any interrogation that may be in store for him, is he truly prepared to be tickled until he loses all self-control?Artist StatementI drew this work after a reader requested that I draw a "tickle play" w..
Author: schwinn
Toshihiko a.k.a Toshy practices English by streaming shows in secret. He feels even more motivated to improve when his English teacher, Mr. Fujii, praises him for his pronunciation. Years later, in a different setting, the two are fatefully reunited. The circumstances are different now as Toshy reve..
Author: reitou
Sawanoi is over the moon when he finds out that the cleaning boy he has a crush on also offers sexual services—but he doesn’t account for the possibility that there’s another Yoshino available for hire at the same company…Artist Statement Hope you enjoy this romcom!..
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