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Artist Introduction

Hello, my name is Ichinomiya87. I love to draw manga and I spend my days drawing manga while being surrounded by cats. Please enjoy my works!

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Author: Ichinomiya87
Looking to get laid, the main character tries calling for an escort service specializing in incubi and succubi. An incubus turns up assuming he would top, but what happens when the main character realizes his top potential?Artist StatementI like stories that feel a bit slice-of-life but also have a ..
Author: Ichinomiya87
When Yuto returns to his tiny mountain village from Tokyo, a lot has changed: It’s now a booming city full of tourists, and his old best friend Tachi is now a big-shot local politician who won’t give him the time of day anymore. What hasn’t changed, though, is the mysterious disappearances and murde..
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