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Dicking Down My Straight Coworker 3 -Tables Turn with Tender Love-
Coming Soon!
Author: Ichi
Things seem to be going well for Keisuke and Takeshi. They’re meeting on the regular to get down and dirty with no issues on the horizon. That is until Takeshi’s boss tells him one day that he’s going to be shipped off to a new branch of their company. He tells Keisuke and he takes it very, very har..
I Can Explain! Co-Starring in a Porno With My Arch-Rival!?
Coming Soon!
Author: ZawarC
Ryo Nishiiri is a broke soccer player who needs cash to help his team of underdogs improve. Sota Higashide is a successful swimmer who’s always raking it in, but his entourage of gold-digging girlfriends end up siphoning every last cent. They have two things in common: One, they despise each other. ..
La louve et la lapine
Irodori Citron Coming Soon!
Author: Ayane
La plantureuse Tsuki Ookami est la nouvelle membre du club de couture local. Satoko Mochida, mère célibataire hétérosexuelle, tombe immédiatement sous le charme animal de la nouvelle venue et n’attend qu’une chose : que Tsuki la dévore toute entière !..
My Friend's Dad's a Hunk 9
Coming Soon!
It’s been weeks since Takumi has seen Yuusuke and it’s driving him nuts. So when Akira comes to him and tells him to lay into his dad about snoring, Takumi tells Yuusuke to come meet him later in the day for a strict dressing down. Yuusuke does come, but instead of a lecture, the two open up and bef..
Silent Ecstasy
Coming Soon!
Author: Aoba
All Minoru wants is to be on the receiving end of brutal, hardcore sex, but because he’s a mute, all his partners handle him with kid gloves. He gets a drastic makeover in order to look like he can handle rough play, but it ends up turning off his whole posse of FWBs. Desperate, he asks for the help..
The Second Prince's Top Secret First Time
Coming Soon!
Author: reitou
When Prince Kong leaves his home country to visit Japan, he jumps at the chance of sexual freedom. He decides to work a trial shift as a sex worker—but what will he do when his very own servant shows up at the store…?..
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