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Bondage Date: Tied up by a Younger Girl
Author: Mira
Now that Momoka’s childhood friend Ruri is a beautiful grown woman, she’s starting to hope they can become more than just friends. Ruri feels the same, but she's convinced that her way of loving would scare Momoka off after just one date. Chalking it up to low self confidence, she calls her bluff, o..
Author: Yukataro
The hilarious tale of a trio of lady adventurers, taken straight from Twitter! This anthology collects Twitter artist Yukataro’s one-shots, CGs, and “screenshots” featuring our heroines, the tomboyish Senri, hyper-sexual Spica, and Manuba the classic tsundere as they travel the world by day, and eac..
Author: Mira
In the red-light district of a bustling city, three nightclub owners are forced to take drastic measures to protect their reputation once a scammer appears in their midst. In the countryside, the proprietress of a hot-spring resort alleviates the loneliness of a guest whose vacation is at risk of be..
Author: naop
There's a rumor going around about an underground passageway where anyone can stick their junk in a hole and get a top-notch blowjob. But what tantalizes Toshi almost as much as the prospect of free head is finding out whether the giver has anything to do with an ID card he found belonging to an Aki..
Author: Rokuroku Bin
When good-for-nothing pachinko addict Chikasumi gets kicked to the curb for wasting his girlfriend’s money, he crashes at his friend Tamaki’s. When it becomes clear that he has no intention of getting a job or moving out, Tamaki forces him to take on work where even he can make himself useful: Selli..
Toge Inubo, at Nekoyanagi's firm suggestion, has been keeping up his "arrangement" with the deep-pocketed director at the Asakusa Clinic. However, Inubo is troubled by his blooming crush on his cold and distant coworker. Just as he laments being basically chopped liver in the eyes of his mentor, he ..
Stressed out from the doctor's continuous demands, Inubo takes a vacation from work to spend quality time with his son. This worries Nekoyanagi, who speeds off to the countryside to see him in person. Inubo is taken aback by the gesture, and starts to wonder... is Nekoyanagi ready to commit!? Oh, an..
As per usual, Inubo can't catch a break. If it weren't enough that his job search is leading him nowhere, he can't even make it home from an interview without being creeped on by a pervert. Meanwhile, Nekoyanagi visits his mother to settle his family affairs once and for all, but ends up receiving s..
After receiving unwelcome news from his mother, Nekoyanagi's been down in the dumps. This is leaving Inubo pent-up and frustrated, especially since his partner's pride won't let him tell him what's wrong. To try and cheer him up, Inubo drags Nekoyanagi on a trip to Chiba, prompting both men to think..
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