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Miyahama Ryo
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Artist Introduction

Nice to meet you, my name is Miyahama Ryo. I love to draw men with long hair. I usually watch travel vlogs while I draw manga. I show snippets of my work on Twitter and Pixiv so please follow me there to keep trach of my progress.

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Surprise Interview at My Coffee Shop 2 ~ Marked With a Jealous Boyfriend's Scent
Author: Miyahama Ryo
The handsome owner of the coffee shop and the reporter who caught him in the act of masturbating are now going steady following their spicy encounter, but the owner’s slew of admirers are making his new beau a little insecure. It’s time for some risky play during work hours to teach him who he belon..
Author: Miyahama Ryo
Got milk? A hardworking, handsome coffee shop owner learns to embrace his not-so-wholesome inner self after an interview doesn't go as planned.Artist StatementI've always received a lot of requests from foreign fans to release an English version, and thanks to Irodori Comics, I'm finally able to giv..
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