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Sakura R18 New Releases

Aki Is Thinking
Irodori Sakura New!
Author: Ayane
Aki and Kei are two regulars at a family restaurant. What happens when they start hanging out and Kei confesses her love?..
Earth Girls: Harvest [Part One]
Irodori Sakura New!
Author: Mira
Mihri, Kidaha, and Djuna are battling it out over Katra, who still just wishes everyone didn't have to fight all the time. But when another wife steps up to test Kidaha's commitment, it prompts Katra to think about what in her life she deems most important...
Loving Living VR: A Jobless G.I.R.L.'s [Guy IRL] BL
Irodori Sakura New!
Author: Yoikono tt
Jobless, bored, and struggling to find a place in life, Izumi turns to VR to live vicariously through a sexy female avatar and make new friends. It's in this virtual world that he meets Haru, another man who inspires him to follow his passions... and soon falls head over heels in love.Artist Stateme..
This is Love Extra
Irodori Sakura New!
Author: Ziki Masaya
A warm and fuzzy compilation of Higashi and Fumi's everyday life as they discover the definition of love, reflecting on past experiences, and sexuality...
A Heroine's Isekai Monster Wives Harem 5
Irodori Sakura New!
Author: Ayane
Reiko prepares to meet the Demon Queen Jade herself! But the once-mighty queen isn't everything Reiko thought she would be... Before long, their conjugal visit turns into a nihilist vs nympho showdown!..
Destiny Syndrome
Irodori Sakura New!
Author: SOLA
Shin's been trying to lose his V-card, but he's too picky. Even though he's so pent-up he's about to explode, he won't settle for a quick fling - he wants the man of his dreams to ride in on a white horse. There's no way the stoic delivery boy who has all kinds of nasty rumors floating around about ..
Just Until Summer
Irodori Sakura New!
Author: Ayane
When a chance encounter at an unexpected place brings two barely-acquainted women together, they decide to help each other understand their identities... through sex!..
Puppy Play With Papa 6
Irodori Sakura New!
As per usual, Inubo can't catch a break. If it weren't enough that his job search is leading him nowhere, he can't even make it home from an interview without being creeped on by a pervert. Meanwhile, Nekoyanagi visits his mother to settle his family affairs once and for all, but ends up receiving s..
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