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Sakura R18 New Releases

Author: Pikachi
Recently, Yuki has been changing the flavor of her snow every day, and Mana is worried for Yuki. How will Mana let Yuki know...?..
Author: Yukataro
The hilarious tale of a trio of lady adventurers, taken straight from Twitter! This anthology collects Twitter artist Yukataro’s one-shots, CGs, and “screenshots” featuring our heroines, the tomboyish Senri, hyper-sexual Spica, and Manuba the classic tsundere as they travel the world by day, and eac..
Author: Mira
After Saki got a chance to learn about Honoka’s hidden depths, their relationship has graduated from foes to frenemies to something more. Neither is willing to label what that “something” is, however, and the impatient Honoka announces that she’s going to a lesbian mixer in order to get her stoic pa..
Author: Ichi
Before Akiyama makes a fatal mistake and ends up making a move on his friend Hirono, one has to wonder how the two polar opposites became friends in the first place--and how that friendship turned into budding feelings on Akiyama’s part.Artist StatementThis is a story about guys having fun. I hope y..
Author: Mira
Saqina sets out for Smoky Mountain to follow in her mother’s footsteps as a hunter, but on the way, she rescues--and instantly falls for--a frail but sharp-tongued girl named Yume, who happens to live there herself. When Yume leads her to the village, Saqina is shocked to find out that there are no ..
Author: Banjyaku
After a mega-haul from a convention, Hiroshi & Fumiaki, a.k.a. Sensei, are starving. Trying to be budget-friendly, they pop into a supermarket to buy some meat. Fumiaki goes straight for meat on sale, but Hiroshi's got the fattest cut of meat there.....
Author: Banjyaku
Goro is constantly belittled by his family, and can't escape their teasing even when taking them on vacation. When he goes to take a dip in the baths and catches sight of a bearded, macho, hulking specimen of a man, his ego takes a hit and he's consumed by inferiority. But later, that very same man ..
Author: Kodaka Kazuma
Yamato waxes nostalgic when he's visited by an intimate memory of his past flame William.Artist Statement: Hello, Kodaka Kazuma here. I've had some of my commercial works published overseas before, but this is the first time my doujins are being published overseas. The format of these stor..
Notre Prof Bien-Aimé ! (FRENCH)
Irodori Citron New!
Author: ZawarC
Monsieur Suzuki, un professeur d’anglais débutant, se voit assigné la tâche de professeur principal d’une classe d’athlètes. Pour gagner leur confiance et créer un lien avec eux, il décide de tout faire pour ses élèves : assister à leurs événements sportifs en les encourageant, noter leurs progrès e..
A local deity who needs to absorb spirit energy from injections of men's semen finds some fresh prey in a young man whose vigor betrays his meek demeanor.Artist Statement: This is my first official English release! I hope you all enjoy it! ..
Author: gram
Glow and Shino are on a mission but Shino got captured by the enemy. The enemy injected her with an unknown drug with some stimulating effects. What will Glow do to save her partner?Artist StatementThis is my first original doujinshi! I'm so happy that a year after releasing this work in Japan, it n..
Author: ZawarC
Mr. Suzuki takes on the role of manager for the volleyball team, but can he support his students without his urges getting in the way!?..
Author: nocori
Rumor has it that the daughter of the wealthy Tao family, Chunyu, is searching for a husband. However, though many speak of her unrivaled looks, few have ever caught a glimpse of her face-to-face. Qingxian decides to sneak into her manor to investigate, and finds that the rumors about her beauty wer..
Tsurugi decides to quit the club after the incident with his upperclassman, and his pining towards his teacher grows along with his isolation. Tatsuki’s relationship with his wife is starting to go downhill thanks to his performance problems, so he tries to put a band-aid on the issue with shady ove..
So far, we've mostly experienced Chidori and Ume's encounters from Chidori's point of view. But what was it that sparked Ume to so boldly approach Chidori in the first place, way back in the bath where they first met? What has she felt during the heated pursuit since, as Chidori began to warm to her..
Author: Susu
Camero finally gets a break from his misery when Alu is put out of commission by a particularly bad sunburn and is confined to his bed, unable to get up to his usual mischief. He’s so docile and helpless in comparison to his usual self that Camero actually kind of… feels bad for him? But when he off..
As more and more time passes since she and Kou slept together for the first time, Akane starts to get worried. Is it all in her head, or does Kou not seem interested in repeating the experience? She embarks on a mission to make sure Kou has the best night of her life on their second overnight date. ..
Author: schwinn
Toshihiko a.k.a Toshy practices English by streaming shows in secret. He feels even more motivated to improve when his English teacher, Mr. Fujii, praises him for his pronunciation. Years later, in a different setting, the two are fatefully reunited. The circumstances are different now as Toshy reve..
Author: Pikachi
Mana is in love with a Snow Woman, Yuki. With the seasons changing, Mana is worried for Yuki.How will the two manage their differences in their unique relationship?..
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