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Artist Introduction 

I mainly draw BL works. I like to draw guys blusing and love seeing guys blush. 

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Author: Ichi
Hirono enters a prize drawing on a whim one day and wins an all-expenses paid hot spring vacation for two! He decides to take his boyfriend Akiyama, and the couple are whisked away to a dreamy paradise among the cherry blossoms. It’s the perfect time to reflect on how far their relationship has come..
Author: Ichi
Things seem to be going well for Keisuke and Takeshi. They’re meeting on the regular to get down and dirty with no issues on the horizon. That is until Takeshi’s boss tells him one day that he’s going to be shipped off to a new branch of their company. He tells Keisuke and he takes it very, very har..
Author: Ichi
Before Akiyama makes a fatal mistake and ends up making a move on his friend Hirono, one has to wonder how the two polar opposites became friends in the first place--and how that friendship turned into budding feelings on Akiyama’s part.[The next chapters in this series are for mature audiences (18 ..
Author: Ichi
Hirono and Akiyama have been spending the past two days cramming for an upcoming test by studying together at the latter’s house. On day three, Akiyama’s parents are away, and it seems like an ideal setup… but Hirono seems more interested in his textbook than his randy boyfriend. Is he waiting for A..
Author: Ichi
When Hirono is hanging out at Akiyama’s house, a sudden rainstorm ends up trapping him there, but luckily, Akiyama and his family are all too happy to host. The prospect of his boyfriend staying the night has Akiyama worked up into a frenzy, but can the two get intimate without his family catching o..
Author: Ichi
Keisuke and his senior colleague, Saejima, are off on a business trip! It’s his first time handling a big pitch, and it’s a success! After drinks to celebrate, they head back to the hotel, but find that Keisuke accidentally only booked one room. Saejima’s cool with it and they head on up, but Keisuk..
Author: Ichi
Saejima’s been icing out Keisuke after what happened three weeks ago. Keisuke’s super upset about it… and it turns out that Saejima has been brooding. After hitting up a special type of shop for a little backdoor TLC, Saejima leaves frustrated, not satisfied. He breaks the silent treatment and tells..
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