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Tsurugi Nekoyanagi had the perfect family, but everything changed when his father left and was replaced by a young, shiftless loafer who spends his nights seeking cheap thrills behind his wife's back. For readers of "Puppy Play With Papa", this is an exploration of the dark past that led to Tsurugi'..
Tsurugi finally gets to see his biological father after ten years, only to find him a decrepit shadow of his former self. Shortly after, Hibiki has to leave town for a week on business, and Tsurugi has seven days delicious payback in store for the accomplice to her sins against his father. Tatsuki, ..
Hibiki's still gone on business, and the two Nekoyanagi men have the house all to themselves. This provides ample time for Tsurugi to take his growing frustrations with all the useless adults in his life out on his helpless step-father. Meanwhile, Tatsuki must withstand Tsurugi's obedience training ..
Even after being released from Tsurugi’s clutches, Tatsuki’s troubles just won’t end. Ever since the incident, he’s been plagued by impotence and fears it might put his marriage in jeopardy. But Tsurugi ends up in a similar pickle after being propositioned by a classmate and falls into a deep depres..
Tsurugi decides to quit the club after the incident with his upperclassman, and his pining towards his teacher grows along with his isolation. Tatsuki’s relationship with his wife is starting to go downhill thanks to his performance problems, so he tries to put a band-aid on the issue with shady ove..
Tatsuki has an embarrassing encounter at the doctor’s office while seeking treatment for his performance problems, Tsurugi gets a confession from a fellow student, and the stepfather and stepson duo continue to drag each other down deeper into depravity--all while a storm brews between Tatsuki and h..
Tatsuki’s crime boss older brother Shin has found out all about his illicit relationship, and things aren’t looking pretty. He drives the father-stepson duo to a cliff to make Tatsuki an offer he can’t refuse--divorce his wife--but he refuses anyway. Enraged, he arranges a punishment to fit the crim..
Inubo's a hardworking dad doing his best to make his son proud, but he makes constant blunders at his job and his timid personality leads to him getting walked all over. When his boss puts the pressure on him to make a big sale with a client, Inubo's associate - a steely-eyed, cutthroat salesman nam..
Toge Inubo, at Nekoyanagi's firm suggestion, has been keeping up his "arrangement" with the deep-pocketed director at the Asakusa Clinic. However, Inubo is troubled by his blooming crush on his cold and distant coworker. Just as he laments being basically chopped liver in the eyes of his mentor, he ..
Inubo and Nekoyanagi's budding love is in jeopardy after Inubo stumbles into an encounter between Nekoyanagi and his stepfather. While Nekoyanagi gets goaded into doling out more punishment to his masochistic stepdad, Inubo is persuaded into trying out new toys at the doctor's, and both find themsel..
Stressed out from the doctor's continuous demands, Inubo takes a vacation from work to spend quality time with his son. This worries Nekoyanagi, who speeds off to the countryside to see him in person. Inubo is taken aback by the gesture, and starts to wonder... is Nekoyanagi ready to commit!? Oh, an..
Inubo and Nekoyanagi are discovering the joys of cohabitation, and the latter is starting to see the former as more than just a boytoy - even hinting that he ought to quit his job and become a stay-at-home partner. Nekoyanagi decides there's no better time to cut things off with his toxic family, bu..
As per usual, Inubo can't catch a break. If it weren't enough that his job search is leading him nowhere, he can't even make it home from an interview without being creeped on by a pervert. Meanwhile, Nekoyanagi visits his mother to settle his family affairs once and for all, but ends up receiving s..
After receiving unwelcome news from his mother, Nekoyanagi's been down in the dumps. This is leaving Inubo pent-up and frustrated, especially since his partner's pride won't let him tell him what's wrong. To try and cheer him up, Inubo drags Nekoyanagi on a trip to Chiba, prompting both men to think..
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