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Artist Statement 

Nice to meet you. My name is Yukataro. I draw original R18 doujinshi and also post illustrations on my social media. Currently, I'm drawing a lot of Yuri works, but when I'm into a certain series or game, I'll draw parody works about it. 

I'd like to draw some hetero couple works in the future too. 

I post content on my Fantia and FANBOX regularly so please make sure to follow me there too! 

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Author: Yukataro
The hilarious tale of a trio of lady adventurers, taken straight from Twitter! This anthology collects Twitter artist Yukataro’s one-shots, CGs, and “screenshots” featuring our heroines, the tomboyish Senri, hyper-sexual Spica, and Manuba the classic tsundere as they travel the world by day, and eac..
Author: Yukataro
What do you do when your local sex trap dungeon fucks you into submission before you reach the second floor? Easy! Gather your adventurer gal pals and grind (each other) for S.E.X.P.! Yukataro’s back and more frenetic than ever in the sequel to Adventurers by Day, Freaky Friends by Night! ..
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