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Artist Introduction

Nice to meet you, my name is gram. I love to draw women with muscles.
I hope you'll come to like my characters through my works. 
I always upload progress of my works and other illustrations on my Twitter. I also have a FANBOX so please support me there too!

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Author: gram
There was a tip-off about a certain night club, Bunny Splash, being a location for smuggling, so Glow, Shino, and Tenma, were assigned to infiltrate the place and fulfill their mission as usual…Glow and Shino elegantly captured their target and fended off the enemies, so their mission successfully e..
Author: gram
Glow and Shino are on a mission but Shino got captured by the enemy. The enemy injected her with an unknown drug with some stimulating effects. What will Glow do to save her partner?Artist StatementThis is my first original doujinshi! I'm so happy that a year after releasing this work in Japan, it n..
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