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Artist Introduction

Hello, my name is Aoba! I like to draw BL art, especially of big buff guys being railed. If you have similar tastes, I think you'll enjoy my works!

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Author: Aoba
All Minoru wants is to be on the receiving end of brutal, hardcore sex, but because he’s a mute, all his partners handle him with kid gloves. He gets a drastic makeover in order to look like he can handle rough play, but it ends up turning off his whole posse of FWBs. Desperate, he asks for the help..
Author: Aoba
Deep in the darkest depths of the night, an incubus prepares to descend on a woman and feast on her vitality. He makes his way into her room, traps her in hot dreams with his charm, and then pulls back the covers to reveal… that this isn’t actually a woman!? Ready to cut his losses he gets ready to ..
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