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Moriyama Tarutaru
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The Incubus Gourmet Meets His Match
Tsugumu’s picky tastes have him in a pickle when he finds himself wandering the streets on the brink of starvation. In a stroke of luck, he passes out from hunger and ends up being nursed to health by a real hottie! But Sou is a bit more assertive than his usual prey, with the energy of a workhorse ..
A lonely worker bee tries to summon a succubus to make him a real man, but something goes haywire and he ends up with an incubus instead! It’s not the outcome he was hoping for, but Tsugumu’s charms are hard to resist – and lucky for him, virgins are one of his favorite tastes...
After a long day at work, a salaryman returns home too exhausted to even masturbate, only to have his apartment invaded by a male succubus looking for a fix! He doesn’t normally swing that way, but the intruder is pretty darn cute… and willing to take his mind off his woes by spoiling him rotten...
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