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Artist Introduction

My name is Orico. I draw Yuri doujinshi. My Twitter is mostly posts about Idol Masters Shiny Colors, but I do post about my works and their progress from time to time. My FANBOX is free, and I use it to upload information and WIP art. 

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Author: Orico
Manari, Nayu and Waka haven’t been able to get their threesome off the brain, and with no shot at getting some alone time for a reenactment, they’re all going crazy! So when their guardians finally go on vacation again, they decide to bang like it’s the last chance they’ll get and play some bedroom ..
Author: Orico
A trio of girls gets a whopping ¥60,000 yen to split between them for one week’s allowance, but no one is keen on sharing. Desperate to take the lion’s share for herself, Nayu turns to her last resort: proposition the others and make them bet their allowance on whether or not she can make them orgas..
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