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Author: Susu
While relaxing at home, Camero makes an offhand remark to Alu that he doesn’t quite fit the stereotype of how an incubus should look. However, he regrets bringing it up when Alu decides to have a little fashion show with Camero as the model! One of his costumes even comes with a little surprise: A r..
Author: Susu
A naive wannabe summoner with no talent tries to brute-force his way into obtaining a strong familiar by cutting a couple corners. When his efforts bring him face-to-face with a mischievous incubus, he finds out why summoning demons is NOT something you should try at home.Artist Statement: Hell..
Teach Me More, Incubus 2
Author: Susu
Camero finally gets a break from his misery when Alu is put out of commission by a particularly bad sunburn and is confined to his bed, unable to get up to his usual mischief. He’s so docile and helpless in comparison to his usual self that Camero actually kind of… feels bad for him? But when he off..
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