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Tatsuki has an embarrassing encounter at the doctor’s office while seeking treatment for his performance problems, Tsurugi gets a confession from a fellow student, and the stepfather and stepson duo continue to drag each other down deeper into depravity--all while a storm brews between Tatsuki and h..
Author: Mira
In her seaside fishing village, Yuriy is shunned for her timidness, but her life is brightened by the occasional visits of Smoky Mountain Village’s chief, Kidaha. When she works up the courage to ask her for her hand, she’s perturbed to find that she already has eight other wives, but she’s happy to..
Mayu's been dating someone for almost a year, but she hasn't told a soul. That's because the classmate she's been seeing is a girl, Rina. Mayu, who until now only had experience dating boys, finds herself caught between her daydreams of strolling through town on dates with Rina and her worries about..
Author: Ayane
Yukio loves travel, TV dramas, and food, but sex is one thing she couldn’t give less of a damn about. That all changes when an altruistic fairy flutters in from nowhere to give her the gift of unbearable horniness. With no one to booty call, she settles on her friend Shion, a heavy drinker who’s ope..
Author: Miyahama Ryo
Got milk? A hardworking, handsome coffee shop owner learns to embrace his not-so-wholesome inner self after an interview doesn't go as planned.Artist StatementI've always received a lot of requests from foreign fans to release an English version, and thanks to Irodori Comics, I'm finally able to giv..
Author: Mira
Now that Momoka’s childhood friend Ruri is a beautiful grown woman, she’s starting to hope they can become more than just friends. Ruri feels the same, but she's convinced that her way of loving would scare Momoka off after just one date. Chalking it up to low self confidence, she calls her bluff, o..
Akane and Kou are about to reach an important milestone: Moving in together! But while eavesdropping on some classmates, Akane discovers a horrible truth: When you're in a long-term relationship, sometimes you and your partner can lose your romantic spark!? Determined to prevent this from happening ..
Author: MIZUKI
Ezaki has recently joined the office after leaving an abusive work place. His new boss Shimizu is totally different than his old one-- he's kind and considerate. But Ezaki soon finds out that Shimizu is going to screw him, too... literally. Artist StatementThis is my first ever comic. I wanted ..
Author: Hoshitani Kyo
A spy has been captured by a member of an evil organization. Though he is determined to withstand any interrogation that may be in store for him, is he truly prepared to be tickled until he loses all self-control?Artist StatementI drew this work after a reader requested that I draw a "tickle play" w..
Author: Pikachi
Recently, Yuki has been changing the flavor of her snow every day, and Mana is worried for Yuki. How will Mana let Yuki know...?..
Author: Sakana Noko
Seichi's a hard-ass of a father. He adores his daughter, Chiyo. So much so, he lacks the ability to explain things and denies himself the better things in life. When he tries to tell Chiyo she can't date her boyfriend, Kei, it doesn't go well and she storms off. Kei hangs back though, and the two en..
Author: Ichi
Hirono and Akiyama have been spending the past two days cramming for an upcoming test by studying together at the latter’s house. On day three, Akiyama’s parents are away, and it seems like an ideal setup… but Hirono seems more interested in his textbook than his randy boyfriend. Is he waiting for A..
Author: Banjyaku
After a mega-haul from a convention, Hiroshi & Fumiaki, a.k.a. Sensei, are starving. Trying to be budget-friendly, they pop into a supermarket to buy some meat. Fumiaki goes straight for meat on sale, but Hiroshi's got the fattest cut of meat there.....
Author: Ichinomiya87
Looking to get laid, the main character tries calling for an escort service specializing in incubi and succubi. An incubus turns up assuming he would top, but what happens when the main character realizes his top potential?Artist StatementI like stories that feel a bit slice-of-life but also have a ..
Tsurugi decides to quit the club after the incident with his upperclassman, and his pining towards his teacher grows along with his isolation. Tatsuki’s relationship with his wife is starting to go downhill thanks to his performance problems, so he tries to put a band-aid on the issue with shady ove..
Author: ZawarC
Mr. Suzuki takes on the role of manager for the volleyball team, but can he support his students without his urges getting in the way!?..
Author: schwinn
Toshihiko a.k.a Toshy practices English by streaming shows in secret. He feels even more motivated to improve when his English teacher, Mr. Fujii, praises him for his pronunciation. Years later, in a different setting, the two are fatefully reunited. The circumstances are different now as Toshy reve..
Author: Ichi
Before Akiyama makes a fatal mistake and ends up making a move on his friend Hirono, one has to wonder how the two polar opposites became friends in the first place--and how that friendship turned into budding feelings on Akiyama’s part.[The next chapters in this series are for mature audiences (18 ..
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