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Author: Aoba
Deep in the darkest depths of the night, an incubus prepares to descend on a woman and feast on her vitality. He makes his way into her room, traps her in hot dreams with his charm, and then pulls back the covers to reveal… that this isn’t actually a woman!? Ready to cut his losses he gets ready to ..
Author: Mentaiko Itto
With one target down, Priapus is on the prowl, but ends up on the wrong side of the law after an unfortunate “accident” on a public road. He can’t complete his divine mission from jail, so he decides to smooth things over with the authorities by doing what he does best: Welcoming Officer Honda to th..
Elf Boy Harem From Another World 2
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Author: Aonaga Haname
No sooner has Hayato settled into his life with the handsome otherworldly elf Nor than yet another one pops out of his mirror! This time, it’s a military advisor named Aile who happens to be an old friend of Nor’s and, like him, was exiled from his realm for political dissent. With nowhere else to g..
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Author: Hide
Everybody wants me, but they judge me for taking care of myself and indulging in my hobbies. If only I could find someone who loves me for me, and not just to claim they banged me… Hmm. But would I go for an older, submissive boyfriend or a younger, aggressive one?..
Author: schwinn
Tsurumaki’s a section chief who can cook. His superior, Kotou, cannot and can be a reeeal drag about it sometimes. When they bump into each other after work at a veggie stand and Kotou reveals his girlfriend left him, he begs Tsurumaki to help show him how to cook. Tsurumaki agrees and learns a very..
Isaki Uta Box Set: The Lost & Found Collection (Physical Book Box Set)
New! Physical Book
Author: Isaki Uta
This is a physical compilation of four works released by independent Manga Artist Isaki Uta, including "Mine-Kun is Asexual", "Leaper", "Mermaid in the Bottle", and "Silkscreen". Ranging from works exploring LGBTQ+ topics and other experimental themes, this release is a tour de force in artistic sto..
Author: Ayane
Bodacious and curvaceous Tsuki Ookami is the Lily League's supersized newest member, and she’s turning Satoko’s world upside down! Satoko is desperate to let this sexy she-wolf gobble her up, but there’s only one problem—she’s straight! Can romance blossom between a card-carrying lesbian and a singl..
Author: reitou
Sawanoi is over the moon when he finds out that the cleaning boy he has a crush on also offers sexual services—but he doesn’t account for the possibility that there’s another Yoshino available for hire at the same company…Artist Statement Hope you enjoy this romcom!..
快樂天體海灘 (CHINESE)
Irodori Feng-Li New!
Author: Mira
夜店與百合女老闆 (CHINESE)
Irodori Feng-Li New!
Author: Mira
夢色的複製品~AI少女與永恆之戀~【下】 (CHINESE)
Irodori Feng-Li New!
Author: Mira
Author: Yukataro
When Spica comes down with a mysterious illness, it’s up to Senri and Manuba to treat the freshly submissive priestess the best that they can—naturally, with sex!The third book in the Adventurers by Day series about three sex-loving female adventurers! (All books can be enjoyed independent..
Author: Sakana Noko
Two masks, one being. Or is there a third? Having solved Chiyo’s problem, everything goes back to normal. Keiji goes to a vocational school, graduates, and starts living together with Chiyo and Seiichi. Oh, right. That also means Keiji and Seiichi are fucking like wild animals every single day behin..
Author: naop
Mutsuki’s a sexy ninja! He works for his boss whom he also has feelings for, Oboro. Mutsuki allows himself to get caught and railed by the enemy in order to get the information he needs. Will Oboro give in to his desires when he sees his hunky underling tied up, ready, and pre-bred?..
My Father-in-Law (Physical Book)
New! Physical Book
Author: Sakana Noko
Seichi's a hard-ass of a father. He adores his daughter, Chiyo. So much so, he lacks the ability to explain things and denies himself the better things in life. When he tries to tell Chiyo she can't date her boyfriend, Kei, it doesn't go well and she storms off. Kei hangs back though, and the two en..
Love Lesson (Physical Book)
New! Physical Book
Author: SOLA
As a kid, Kousuke had spent a lot of time with his older, next door neighbor Minoru and even promised to marry him in the future. Now years later, Minoru continues to take care of Kouske not just throughout the day, but also at night in the bedroom (even though the two aren't dating). But what will ..
Happy Nudist Beach (Physical Book)
New! Physical Book
Author: Mira
A frisky lesbian looking to meet fellow singles escapes the woes of the pandemic by taking a vacation to a private beach where you can ditch the mask... and the swimsuit.For the Digital Version click here. ※ The product thumbnail is a 3D render and does not represent the finish or thicknes..
Adventurers by Day, Secretly Training by Night (Physical Book)
New! Physical Book
Author: Yukataro
What do you do when your local sex trap dungeon fucks you into submission before you reach the second floor? Easy! Gather your adventurer gal pals and grind (each other) for S.E.X.P.! Yukataro’s back and more frenetic than ever in the sequel to Adventurers by Day, Freaky Friends by Night! ..
Author: Nikuo
Become the main character in this choose-your-own-adventure story! In it, you become Shutte, an imprisoned hero who is sent into a dungeon no one has ever returned from. As you explore, all sorts of sexy traps lie in wait to thwart your adventure! Can you make it down to the deepest depths or will y..
Author: ZawarC
A stuck-up delinquent in need of an attitude adjustment, a gang henchman who pines for his hot leader, a megalomaniacal boss who’s generous with his praise, and a tan himbo surfer who wants to give his rescuer a special thank-you… All this and more in this collection of bite-sized one-shots!..
Author: Haijima
Celebrate Christmas and the new year with Kanata and Hana...