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Heaven Cums to Those Who Wait 4 -The One with Pure Love in a Secret Room-

* The contents of this work is a work of fiction. All characters depicted herein are at least 18 years of age despite creative liberties on the part of the author that may suggest otherwise. This work is not intended for sale to minors.
Heaven Cums to Those Who Wait 4 -The One with Pure Love in a Secret Room-
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Heaven Cums to Those Who Wait 4 -The One with Pure Love in a Secret Room-
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Haruto tells off Yuugo when he tries to put the moves on him at work and warns Yuugo that his antics might end in him receiving an awful punishment. The very next day, that punishment comes in the form of an announcement that Yuugo will be transferred to another office on the other side of the country. At a loss, Haruto isn’t sure if he should be relieved or devastated. He struggles as he arrives at his answer…

  • Author: MIZUKI
  • Pages: 70


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Ezaki has recently joined the office after leaving an abusive work place. His new boss Shimizu is totally different than his old one-- he's kind and c..
Ezaki gets into an argument with Shimizu after he tries to get frisky at the office. Wanting to clear the air, the two end up at a love hotel, where S..
In the third installment of Heaven cumming to those who wait, Ezaki’s done something extremely dangerous and masturbated with a vegetable. The problem..
Aoi is devastated when she's unable to get her lover Maika a birthday present because of her busy week at work, and offers to make up for it the only ..
Une héroïne d’Isekai et son harem de femmes monstres (FRENCH)
Irodori Citron
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Reiko/Laina is back and (not at all) ready to tackle day number two in her isekai world! Today it's draco-nun matriarch Namuria's turn to pay her darl..
Wife #3 in Reiko/Laina's irrepressible demon harem is Duché, the stoic former general of the fairie folk. But unlike Laina's other two wives, she has ..
My favorite idol... is whispering so close in my ear while rubbing my dick!? Kairi is a university student who’s in love with Rin, his favorite idol. ..
Sometimes, mad scientists go too far. That’s not what’s happened this time as one gay scientist has successfully made a lovedroid! Crafted perfectly t..
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After taking things a bit too far in the girls' locker room, Kou isn't sure if she'll ever get another chance with Akane. But is it possible that Kou'..
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Each weekend, Chidori makes solo day trips to various hot springs to relax in the steamy waters and melt away the stress of work. But after an unexpec..
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