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My Crush Is My Roommate
Author: Haijima
Hana is in love with her childhood best friend, Kanata. One day, Kanata invites Hana to share a room, which she accepts. For a while, living with her crush seemed manageable for Hana. However, on the other hand, Kanata realized she likes spending time with Hana a bit too much and doesn’t really know..
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My Crush Is My Roommate 2
Author: Haijima
Hana and Kanata have been friend since high school. Find out how they meet and read about other episodes of their lives as roommates...
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My Crush Is My Roommate 3
Author: Haijima
Enjoy a slice of life with Hana and Kanata as they celebrate Halloween and go to a theme park...
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Author: Haijima
Celebrate Christmas and the new year with Kanata and Hana...
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