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Heaven Cums to Those Who Wait - The One Where He Plays with Gentleman’s Toys
Author: MIZUKI
In the third installment of Heaven cumming to those who wait, Haruto’s done something extremely dangerous and masturbated with a vegetable. The problem is, it breaks off inside of him and he needs medical help. After turning to Yuugo for help and getting help, Yuugo informs Haruto that it’s time for..
My Beloved Kanata
”If I’m all yours, Kanata, then that means you’re all mine too, right?” What happens when a possessive top collides with a possessive bottom who derives pleasure from being someone else’s possession?Artist StatementThis story focus on a kind-hearted introvert and an outwardly positive (but dark insi..
My Crush Is My Roommate 3
Author: Haijima
Enjoy a slice of life with Hana and Kanata as they celebrate Halloween and go to a theme park...
My Hunky Underclassman Wants to Change
Author: Hide
Frustrated that he’ll be single forever, a younger year goes to his upperclassman and asks for tips and a makeover for help with meeting girls. They end up getting too lit to make it home, so they crash the night together. When the upperclassman wakes up in the middle of the night, and sees his frie..
Surprise Interview at My Coffee Shop 2 ~ Marked With a Jealous Boyfriend's Scent
Author: Miyahama Ryo
The handsome owner of the coffee shop and the reporter who caught him in the act of masturbating are now going steady following their spicy encounter, but the owner’s slew of admirers are making his new beau a little insecure. It’s time for some risky play during work hours to teach him who he belon..
The Incubus Gourmet Meets His Match
Tsugumu’s picky tastes have him in a pickle when he finds himself wandering the streets on the brink of starvation. In a stroke of luck, he passes out from hunger and ends up being nursed to health by a real hottie! But Sou is a bit more assertive than his usual prey, with the energy of a workhorse ..
Trouble in Yakuza Paradise
Author: Hoshitani Kyo
Ryouta’s the son of the head of a Yakuza group with a super-cute girlfriend. He’s not involved in his father’s business dealings, but when members of a rival group show up looking for revenge, Ryouta soon learns it’s not his girlfriend who’s in for a hard time, but him…..
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