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Love Lesson (FRENCH)
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Author: SOLA
Quand il était enfant, Kôsuke passait beaucoup de temps avec son voisin Minoru et lui avait même promis de se marier avec lui quand il serait grand. Quelques années plus tard, Minoru ne s'occupe pas seulement de Kôsuke de jour, mais aussi de nuit, bien qu'ils ne soient pas ensemble.Que se passera-t-..
May I Interest You in a Sex Toy?
Author: Rokuroku Bin
When good-for-nothing pachinko addict Chikasumi gets kicked to the curb for wasting his girlfriend’s money, he crashes at his friend Tamaki’s. When it becomes clear that he has no intention of getting a job or moving out, Tamaki forces him to take on work where even he can make himself useful: Selli..
Midnight Rendezvous
Author: Banjyaku
Goro is constantly belittled by his family, and can't escape their teasing even when taking them on vacation. When he goes to take a dip in the baths and catches sight of a bearded, macho, hulking specimen of a man, his ego takes a hit and he's consumed by inferiority. But later, that very same man ..
Puppy Play With Papa - What the Cat Dragged In 3
Hibiki's still gone on business, and the two Nekoyanagi men have the house all to themselves. This provides ample time for Tsurugi to take his growing frustrations with all the useless adults in his life out on his helpless step-father. Meanwhile, Tatsuki must withstand Tsurugi's obedience training ..
Steamy Love 5
So far, we've mostly experienced Chidori and Ume's encounters from Chidori's point of view. But what was it that sparked Ume to so boldly approach Chidori in the first place, way back in the bath where they first met? What has she felt during the heated pursuit since, as Chidori began to warm to her..
Stupidly in Love
Author: naop
Tsutomu's never been the brightest bulb in the box, but he discovers one neat trick to improve his grades--post-nut clarity! By furiously masturbating to thoughts of his friend Suguru during cram sessions, he goes from flunking to a straight-C student in no time. But what happens when the object of ..
Too Darn Irresistible 4
Kou has invited Akane on an overnight trip, just the two of them! At first Akane is excited, but then totally psyches herself out by diving too deep on the internet in an attempt to educate herself about "going all the way" with your partner. Will Kou and Akane's first night together be a wonderful ..
Wolf and Master
Author: mayu
For Shino, there's nothing like cuddling with your big fluffy werewolf BF to wind down from a hard day at work! But Michio has some more spicy plans for their evening.....
Zero-Distance Snow Love
Author: Pikachi
Mana is in love with a Snow Woman, Yuki. With the seasons changing, Mana is worried for Yuki.How will the two manage their differences in their unique relationship?..
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